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About Jacobs Hospital

We are a hospital that believes in the family doctor tradition. We had started out in 1974 as a nursing home maintaining a cordial, personal relationship with our patients. We have tried to give a modern touch to this tradition by merging it with the expertise and skills of current medical progress and practice.

We strive to give our patients the personal touch right from the moment they enter our general medicine and laparoscopic surgery hospital until their treatment is done.

We have maintained a clean and hygienic feel to your visit at our hospital.

We take extra care in giving you a quick, judicious and thorough evaluation of your disease or condition. We do not allow our patients to undergo unnecessary investigations or diagnostic tests and tailor these specifically to each patient.

We only undertake treatments which we believe is the best for our patients and guide you accordingly. We would direct you elsewhere if a better option is available.

We are here to serve the patients the best way that we can. We believe in honesty and transparency as our best service that we can provide for our patients.

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