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What is ECG?

ECG also was known as ElectroCardioGraphy is the medical diagnostic process to measure & record the heart’s electrical activity for a short period of time by placing electrodes on the skin. These electrodes detect the tiny electrical changes that occur on the skin due to the heart muscle’s electrical activity during every heartbeat.

 The doctors use ECG for the following reasons:

  • To check the rhythm of the heart
  • To detect Ischemia or poor blood flow to the heart’s muscle
  • To diagnose a Heart Attack
  • To check for any abnormality like a thickened heart muscle
ECG Test in Kochi

Process of ECG Test

Around 10 electrodes will be attached to the patient’s body with adhesive pads to the skin of the chest, arms & legs. Male patients will have to shave their chest hair.

The patient is asked to lie flat on the bed while the ECG will record an image on a graph paper of the electrical impulses moving through the patient’s heart. This is called ‘Resting ECG’. This test can also be done to check the heart while exercising, usually called TMT. The entire process might take around 10-20 minutes.

Other Types of ECG

The doctor might recommend any of the different ECGs, apart from the regular ECG available, as shown below:

Holter Monitor:
This is a mobile or portable ECG that can check your heart’s electrical activity for a couple of days, 24 hours a day. It is painless and the electrodes are taped to the skin. The patient can perform all normal activities except shower.

The doctor will recommend this if the patient has an abnormal heart rhythm or palpitations or low blood flow to the heart muscle. The patient will have to keep a diary of the activities and also the symptoms.

Event Monitor:
This device is usually recommended if the patient get the symptoms once in a while. The patient might have to wear it for a couple of weeks or months. When the button is pushed it starts recording the electrical activity. The patient should try to get a reading whenever the symptoms are noticed.


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