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Laser Treatment for Pimples Kochi

Acne is a common skin condition that blocks the small opening or pores in the skin and is distinguished by the occurrence of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. A pimple is a form of acne with an inflamed skin pore filled with pus. Pimples are formed when pores get clogged by the accumulation of dead skin cells and oil secretion causing bacterial infection. This causes the inflammation of the clogged pores. When the infected pimples break open and the infected pus spreads among the tissues in deep skin layers. The body produces new collagen changing the texture of the skin to repair the affected tissues. This causes depression on the skin surface. At Jacobs hospital, we utilize the advanced treatment methods for reducing the visibility of pimples and acne.

Pimples Causes

Pimples are a very prevalent condition among teens and adults and occur when skin pores or hair follicles become clogged. Pores get clogged with:

  • dead skin cells
  • sebum, an oil secretion by the body to prevent the skin from drying out
  • bacterial infection causing irritation and infection
  • Fluctuating hormone levels
  • medications
  • stress
  • unclean makeup residues
  • friction on the skin
  • genetics

Pimples Treatment

The treatment approach depends on the type and cause of pimples and its severity. Non invasive treatment methods include topical creams and ointment containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, retinoids and antibiotics. These medications help prevent hair follicles and pores from becoming clogged, kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce irritation and removes dead skin cells on the skin surface.

Oral treatments for acne include antibiotics and birth control pills to help balance hormone levels.

Other treatments for pimples

There are several treatments methods beyond topical and oral medications that help to remove pimples without any Scars on the skin:

  •  Laser treatment: During the laser light treatment, short pulses of high-intensity laser beams are emitted onto the skin surface at a specific wavelength. The light penetrates to deep skin layer and kills Infection causing bacteria from the area and reduces inflammation and excess sebum production. The laser treatment also stimulates the collagen production in the treated area and fills the redundant skin imperfections.
  • Drainage and extraction: in this method, the doctor drains the pus to open the clogged skin pores.
  • Steroid injection: Steroid injection into the affected area reduces inflammation and opens the clogged pores.


Tips for preventing future pimple breakouts include:

  • Cleansing the face twice a day to prevent the spread of bacteria from your hands to the face.
  • Refrain from touching the face and other acne-prone areas.
  • Do not touch, pop, or rub the pimples as this may spread the infection and worsen the condition.
  • Avoid scrubbing the skin.
  • Use products that work for the skin type, including water-based makeup, lotion, and sunscreen.

At Jacobs hospital, Kochi we offer the best and latest treatment techniques for pimples and skin disorders from well qualified and experienced specialists to restore and rejuvenate the skin. To know more about treatment for pimples and treatment cost book an appointment now.


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