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Emergency and critical care

Emergency Care / Critical Care 

Emergency and critical care is the care for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention. The care of such patients is essentially different from the routine out-patient consultation in that a rapid and effective response will determine survival of life, limb or organ.
This requires expertise, equipment and a multi-specialty involvement according to whose availability such centers are categorized into different levels of trauma and critical care.

Critical Conditions Handled

The critical conditions that are usually handled by the Emergency and Critical care professionals maybe:

  • Medical emergencies: Commonly Heart attack, Heart failure, Dysrhythmias, Asthmatic attacks, Stroke, Acute gastroenteritis, Pancreatitis etc
  • Surgical emergencies : Commonly Acute appendicitis, Renal colic, Acute urinary retention, Acute cholecystitis, Peptic ulcer, Bowel obstruction or perforation, Foreign body in any orifice etc
  • Trauma related injury: which may result in fracture of bones, internal organ injury, bleeding externally or into closed spaces, Injury to vital organs
  • Obstetric Emergencies:
  • Mental illnesses: Like manic or hyper-anxiety or catatonic states
  • Poisoning, burns, allergies, bites and stings

Special Facilities:

Jacobs Hospital is a level 2 trauma and emergency care facility. The hospital has a  doctor round the clock to handle emergencies. This is supported by the availability of an Emergency and Trauma trained team of physician, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and obstetrician on call 24 hours. The availability of X-ray, C-arm X-ray, Ultrasonography, Lab, Operation theatres and ICU support the team in the care of such patients. Centralized oxygen and power back-up ensures safety.  Patients who are ascertained to need care beyond that available at the hospital are referred to higher centers as quickly as possible in order give the patient the benefit of the golden-hour (the first hour) which is critical to survival.                                                                                                                                                                       
Non-Emergency use

Many routine conditions will require a patient to take the services of the emergency department like Fevers, Headache, Toothache, Sore throat, Cramps, Vertigo, Hiccups, Pains and aches, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Hysteria, Tremors, Alcohol intoxication etc

What to do in an emergency:

Ask yourself a few questions :

Q. Is this an emergency or can it wait?

A.  You need to visit the emergency department if: the symptoms are un-bearable, or it feels ominous or it is increasing, if the patient has collapsed or it appears to be life threatening or if you are not sure.

Q. What should I do?

 A.  1. Call the hospital at 0484-2220410 / 9895188222 and inform the problem and the condition of the patient as you perceive it. She/he would direct you to further action.
This helps the emergency staff to be on alert to receive your patient and will prepare accordingly.

2. If help is needed for transportation inform the hospital personnel on the line. She/he will direct you accordingly.

3. Do not delay in seeking help. The 1st hour of proper care is the most important!

Q. What should I not do?

A. Do not attempt self- treatment without proper knowledge of the same. You may worsen or jeopardize the existing condition of the patient.

Q. For what conditions should I seek help?

Road accidents,
Heat/Chemical Burns and scalds,
Electrical injury,
Breathing difficulties, Inhalation of fumes,
Chest pain, Palpitations
Abdominal pain, Hernias,
Injury of head, chest, abdomen or limbs,
Convulsions, Paralysis or stroke,
Foreign bodies in skin, eye, ear, nose, throat, inhaled,
Animal bites, Insect stings, Snake bites, Injury by marine creatures,
Child birth, Miscarriage,
 Frost bite etc

Jacobs hospital is committed to giving you the best care.

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