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The speciality of obstetrics and gynaecology often abbreviated as OB/GYN are twin subjects that when combined together deal with pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, the female reproductive system and its associated problems and complications.

obstetrics and gynaecology in kochi

Obstetrics and functions of an obstetrician:

  • Obstetricians work very closely with neonatologists, paediatricians, and Gynaecologists
  • They try to achieve, assist and monitor the normal delivery of a baby during labour
  • Are also responsible for performing episiotomies to prevent damage and rupture of tissues
  • Smooth facilitation of a difficult delivery
  • During prolonged labour they are required to speed up the process
  • Avoiding fetal distress and maternal fatigue with the help of forceps or vacuum assistance.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancies
    • Ectopic pregnancy: The ovum is implanted in a place other than the womb or fallopian tubes
    • Rupture of the tube can be life threatening
    • Obstetricians remove such pregnancies
  • To perform cervical circlage operation
    • For women who have had previous miscarriages
  • For baby birthing issues when the baby’s head is not down
    • External cephalic version or ECV to bring the baby to correct position from outside
  • To detect congenital abnormalities when the baby is still in the womb
    • Example: detection of Down Syndrome with Ultrasound
  • Confirm the well-being of the foetus and pregnancy
  • Managing abortions, miscarriages – D&C (dilation and curettage) and D&E (dilation and evacuation)

Gynaecology and functions of a gynaecologist:

  • The gynaecologist specializes in diseases of the female genital tract
  • Deals in women’s health
  • Typically deal with reproductive system and urinary health – vulva,vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries
  • They play an important role in preventive care of the female reproductive system
  • Perform regular breast exams, mammograms and pap smears
  • Treat fertility issues and problems– diagnose and treat pre-conceptional health for women trying to get pregnant
  • Genetic counselling for people who wish to plan a family
  • Prenatal diagnosis of the baby
  • Diagnose and treat uterine and vaginal infections and diseases
  • They perform hysterectomies
  • Diagnose and treat cancer of the reproductive organs
    • Ovarian cancer
    • Uterine cancer
    • Cancer of the fallopian tubes, cancer, vagina and vulva
  • Menorrhagia or heavy bleeding
  • Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation
  • Amenorrhea or absence of menstrual periods
  • Incontinence
  • Prolapse of the pelvic organs
  • Infections of the reproductive organs
    • Bacterial
    • Viral
    • Fungal
    • Protozoal infections
  • Responsible for the confirmation of the pregnancy
  • Performs surgical procedures such as :
    • Hysterectomy or removal of the uterus
    • Oopherectomy or removing the ovaries
    • The approach to the surgery maybe either Laparoscopic or by open surgery whichever is deemed best for each situation
    • Pap smear to identify pre-cancerous cells

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Care at Dr. Jacob’s Hospital

At Jacob’s Hospital, Kochi the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department take care of every aspect of women’s health including associated sub-specialities such as maternal and Fetal Medicine, gynaecological and oncology.
Jacobs Hospital being a pro-life hospital does not perform abortions or sterilizations but preserves and promotes life and the well being of mother and child.

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