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Antenatal and Postnatal Classes

What are Antenatal classes?

These are classes that will help the both the mother and the father to prepare for the baby’s delivery and learn to look after the baby and feed it. It basically prepares the new parents for parenthood. They will also help the mother to stay healthy during pregnancy.

What will they teach?

The main topics covered by Antenatal classes, are with respect to the mother, that include:

  • Your developing Baby
  • Your changes
  • Giving birth and meeting your baby
  • Your Health and Wellbeing
  • Your Support Group

Some of the classes might provide an in-depth of the topics:

  • Getting a feel of normal birth
  • Relaxation Techniques during Labour and birth
  • Labour and birth positions
  • Massage and breathing techniques for labour
  • Different Types of Pain and Relief, including birth-pool or epidural.
  • Different types of deliveries and interventions, like labour inducing, monitoring the baby electronically.
  • What to expect if the delivery is through Caesarian or C-Section
  • Physical, emotional and lifestyle changes that can occur after a baby’s delivery.
  • Taking care of the baby, nappy changing, skin care etc.
  • Feeding the baby
  • Help make decisions during labour, birth and early weeks of the baby.

There are different types of Antenatal classes:

  • Women-only classes: are for mothers who doesn’t prefer any male presence during the birth.
  • Couples classes: recommended for first time couples where both the partners want to involve themselves in the whole process.
  • Refresher classes: is suggested for mothers who have already given birth who wants to either relive their experience or who wants to update with the latest methods.
  • Hospital classes: are provided by some hospitals.
  • Dedicated sessions: can include sessions for topics dedicated to multiple birth, active birth, water birth etc.

What are Post-natal classes?

These are classes recommended for new mothers who recently underwent natural labour or caesarean section deliveries.

What will they teach?

These classes will have varied topics on the different subjects of childcare like:

  • To resolve all the early breastfeeding issues
  • How to settle the baby’s sleeping patterns
  • The right time to introduce solids in the baby’s diet and how to do it.
  • The different easy and sumptuous recipes that is tailor-made for the baby
  • How to deal with teething starting with the arrival of the first tooth, the different ailments and behavioral changes in the baby etc.
  • The right time to wean the baby from breastfeeding and move to normal food and the different techniques to follow.
  • How to stretch and relax with the baby

The other topics that the postnatal classes include:

  • How the mother should take care of herself?
    • Physically with lots of exercises especially stretching etc.,
    • Mentally by taking care of Postpartum depression that affects mostly mothers who has undergone C-section.

For more information, please contact our medical professionals in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, who will assist you in the best possible way.

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