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One day Child birth preparation class

What is this?

The childbirth preparation class will help the parents to prepare for the labor and the birth of their baby. These classes are usually a one-day intensive workshop to maybe a few weekly sessions lasting a month. The class consists of lectures, discussions, and exercises benefiting for antenatal and postnatal. The goal is to provide with information to prepare for childbirth, help in making decisions, and minimize the unwanted myth and fears. It will also emphasize on breathing and relaxation techniques to help relax and cope with labor.

Why need a childbirth class?

Most hospitals offer classes through an independent instructor, organization or by an experienced midwife.

The class covers mainly the following

  • signs of labor
  • The normal process of labor and birth
  • Techniques for coping with pain
  • How the partner can help you during labor
  • When to call the doctor or midwife
  • Cesarean Delivery and how to cope with it
  • Medical choices- Induced labour
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Postpartum, child care and breast feeding
  • How to prepare Baby basket- necessary clothing/things required for the baby after the arrival

In addition, childbirth classes generally cover some of the more common childbirth complications and how they might be handled. Most show videos of both a vaginal birth and a c-section.

This one day class is conducted in small groups mainly during the beginning of last trimester. The group discussions will help the pregnant mothers to discuss their varying doubts and worries and hence help in easing tensions and make them feel better. Moreover, Obstetricians highly recommend childbirth preparation classes as it will help understand what to expect during the stay in the hospital, provide information on importance of skin-to-skin contact with the new born baby after delivery, importance and health benefits of breast feeding etc.


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