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Explanation of results and appropriate treatments discussed

Despite performing regular health exams and tests, most of them are not aware of the results and conclusions on the reports generated from various tests. At Jacobs Hospital, we ensure that all test results are evaluated accurately and provide all required information to the patient. This enables them to understand how well their body functional systems are in performance. Understanding the requirement of various tests and the results generated from the tests helps the patient to evaluate themselves on their health condition.

Our doctors and specialists are trained to provide a detailed picture on various medical conditions that affects individual patients and makes him aware on what might be the cause or reasons for a medical condition and how the condition can be overcome. The doctor discusses various treatment options and methods that can be adopted to treat a medical condition and customize the treatment plan accordingly. This helps the patient to understand how the treatment is going to affect them and to prepare mentally and physically to fight against any particular condition. The doctors also discuss various after care instruction that has to be followed after a particular treatment and recommend few lifestyle modifications that should be adopted to regain faster recovery from any medical condition. This effort produces faster results with a high success rates.

At Jacob Hospital, we provide a detailed review on various tests results and discuss the appropriate treatment options with the patient. We provide an insight on various non-invasive, minimal invasive and invasive procedures that can be adopted for a faster recovery from any medical condition. The specialists also provide necessary aftercare instructions and lifestyle modification that can prevent the rise of any abnormality in the body and mind.


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