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Menstrual Problems Treatment Kochi, ernakulam

Menstrual cycles can present with different types of uncomfortable symptoms that lead to periods. One of the most such common issues is the PMS or premenstrual syndrome, which causes mild fatigue and cramping that usually go away once the period, starts. Menstrual problems can be serious too. A complete absence of a cycle or if a period is too heavy or light could point to a menstrual issue.

Some menstrual problems are :
  • PMS or premenstrual syndrome :
    • Occurs one or two weeks before the beginning of a period
    • Constitutes of both physical and emotional symptoms
    • Severity of the symptoms may vary
    • Symptoms:
      1. Bloating
      2. Backaches
      3. Irritability
      4. Depression
      5. Craving for food
      6. Stress
      7. Insomnia
      8. Diarrhoea
      9. Stomach cramps
      10. Acne
      11. Anxiety
      12. Headaches
  • Absence of periods :
    • Known as amenorrhea – women don’t get their period at all
    • When the first period does not appear by the age of 16 years, it is known as primary amenorrhea
      1. Reproductive infection or pelvic inflammatory disease
      2. Premature ovarian failure
      3. Menopause
      4. Pregnancy
  • Symptoms:
  • Heavy periods :
    1. Imbalance in hormonal levels (progesterone and oestrogen)
    2. Inflammation of the cervix
    3. Vaginal infections
    4. Fibroids or noncancerous tumours in the uterus
    5. Puberty
    6. Changes in exercise and diet

Jacob’s Hospital Kochi, Ernakulam offers pain-relieving and comprehensive treatments for all menstrual problems

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