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Plastic Surgery Treatment

Plastic surgery specializes in the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissues generally due to injury, illness or abnormality. There are two aspects of plastic surgery reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Where cosmetic surgery aims at altering the appearance of a healthy individual, reconstructive surgery focuses on restoring functionalities of the organs with a secondary aim at improving appearance. Cosmetic Medical Surgery is an optional procedure while reconstructive procedure may be done to correct abnormal structures of the body.

Plastic Surgery in Kochi

Types of plastic surgeries done at Jacob’s Hospital

  • Head and neck :
    • Cleft lip and palate repair – a birth defect that may be present on both sides of the roof of the mouth
    • Scalp reconstruction – addresses scalp defects
    • Eyelid reconstruction – excision of tumours in the eyelid and any other defect
    • Ear reconstruction – external ear malformations are corrected
    • Nose reconstruction – nasal defects, cancer and trauma
    • Head and neck tumours reconstruction – to remove tumours from the head and neck
    • Post-burn deformity correction – managing long standing burn injury to the skin due to exposure to extreme heat, chemicals or fire.
  • Hand :
    • Congenital deformities correction – all types of birth defects of the hands
    • Hand injuries and reconstruction – carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis from mild to severe cases
    • Post-burn deformity correction
    • Reconstruction after leprosy – hand restoration after common diseases such as leprosy
    • Hand tumours reconstruction – removal of tumours and tumour-like lesions with microsurgery
  • Cosmetic :
    • Augmentation and reduction of breast – also known as augmentation mammoplasty, conducted to improve breast fullness, symmetry and volume
    • ARhinoplasty – correcting and reconstructing the nose
  • Breast
    • Gynaecomastia reduction (reduction of male breasts) – for enlarged breasts in male, to remove excessive glandular tissue and fat
    • Reconstruction of breasts – done after many years of mastectomy or lumpectomy, artificial shape of the breast is created and tissue flap taken from another part of the body
    • Breast cancer surgery – can be done as part of breast cancer treatment
  • Injuries
    • Facial injuries – treating any facial fractures or trauma in the upper and lower jaws and surrounding the eyes
    • Hand injuries – trauma of the hand inclusive of sports injuries, Fractures and dislocations
    • Lower limb injuries – trauma to the lower limbs inclusive of fractures and burn injuries
    • Burns – reconstruction after burn injury
  • Miscellaneous plastic surgeries
    • Hemangiomas – non-cancerous vascular growths that can proliferate
    • Hypertrophic scar and keloids treatment – disfiguring scars are removed
    • Bedsore treatment – repaired using a pad of muscle, skin or tissue to cover the sore
    • Diabetic Foot Surgery – grafting techniques such as split-thickness skin grafting
    • Filarial leg reduction operation – the lymphedema is reduced
    • Skin Grafts and flaps to cover defects or ulcers
  • Breast

At Jacob’s Hospital

Apart from the above, surgeons at Jacob’s Hospital specialize in a variety of plastic surgeries involving specific conditions such as osteoarthritis, pressure ulcers, Bell’s palsy, and many more complex procedures. 

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Dr. A.K Bhat, our Plastic Surgeon, reputed and experienced consultant in plastic surgeries would give you expert advise and solutions. To know more Enquire with Us

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