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Breast Disease Treatment

A woman’s age, intake of medications and hormonal levels primarily lead to the formation of lumps and discharges. Women at any age can develop changes in the skin of the breast, pain or tenderness and nipple discharge or inversion. Not all breast problems are malignant.

Breast Disease Treatment in Kochi

Some common breast diseases are:

  • Fibrosis :
    • Also known as fibrocystic diseases, these are simple cysts in form of lumps
    • There are benign changes in the breast tissue
    • Changes are called fibrocystic changes
    • Symptoms get worse as the menstrual period starts
  • Hyperplasia :
    • Also known as proliferative breast disease
    • Hyperplasia is either ductal or lobular
    • Cells are more distorted in an atypical hyperplasia
    • Mild hyperplasia does not increase the risks of breast cancer but moderate and atypical hyperplasia do
  • LCIS :
    • Known as lobular carcinoma in situ – also known as lobular neoplasia
    • Does not cause a tumour but changes are often seen on a mammogram
    • Pleomorphic LCIS is more likely to turn into breast cancer
  • Adenosis :
    • Lobules of the breast are enlarged with more glands
    • Also known as aggregate adenosis the enlarged lobules are very close to each other
    • Mineral deposits are deemed as a cause of adenosis
  • Fibroadenomas :
    • Non-cancerous tumours
    • They comprise of glandular breast tissue and stromal tissue
    • Common among young women between 20 and 30 years of age
    • The fibroadenomas have borders and are round
    • They are firm and can be moved under the skin
  • Phyllodes tumours :
    • Rare breast tumours involving the stromal tissue
    • Common in women between the ages of 30 and 40
    • They are painless but some might hurt
    • The tumours grow very quickly
    • Skin is stretched
  • Intraductal papillomas :
    • These are non-cancerous
    • Grow within the ducts of the breasts
    • They are single tumours and grow near the nipple
    • Ductograms usually help in finding papillomas
  • Fat necrosis and oil cysts :
    • The fatty breast tissue is damaged due to a breast injury and leads to fat necrosis
    • Scar tissue is formed as the body repairs the damaged area
    • Sometimes the fat cells die and the content is discharged forming a collection of greasy fluid called oil cyst

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