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Cancer Surgery is performed to remove cancer and repair the afflicted part of the body. Surgery is one of the main modalities in cancer treatment though it is needed occasionally even in diagnosis. There are several goals to cancer surgery and one of the main aims of the intervention is to remove the primary tumour. It is also used to remove metastatic lesions in other parts of the body. Debulking surgery is done when the cancer cannot be removed completely and so its size is reduced making other modalities like chemotherapy more effective. The other use of surgery in cancer is reconstruction after a part has been removed. Cancer surgery is usually performed in conjunction with radiation, chemotherapy, biological or immunotherapy and hormonal therapy

Cancer Surgery in Kochi

Treatment usage of cancer surgery:

  • Diagnosis :
    • To remove a part of the tumour and study it under a microscope
    • It determines if cancer is benign or malignant
  • Staging :
    • Defines the advancement of cancer and to stage the cancer
    • This includes: assessing the size of the tumour
    • Evaluation of the spread of cancer into the lymph nodes
    • Local spread of the disease
    • And the distant spread of disease to other organs or tissue

Cancer Surgery Options

  • Debulking :
    • As much cancer as possible is removed for successful chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Primary treatment :
    • Localized cancers can be successfully treated with cancer surgery
    • Cancer is completely removed as primary treatment
  • Types of cancer surgery :
    • Open surgery :
      • Open surgeries require a large incision
      • Some healthy tissue and lymph nodes may also be extracted along with the cancerous tissue
    • Minimally invasive surgery :
      • A few tiny incisions are made
      • A thin tube with a camera attached to its end is inserted
      • Other surgical instruments are inserted alongside to remove the tumour and some surrounding healthy tissue with it

Cancer surgery at Jacob’s Hospital

  • Anaesthesia local, regional or general is administered before performing the surgery
  • The surgery usually requires cutting through skin, muscle and bones.
  • After an immediate post-operative period in the ICU the patient is shifted to the ward

Jacobs Hospital conducts surgical treatment for cancer by an experienced team of surgeons (including Onco, Plastic and General surgeons).

Other Modalities of Cancer Treatment

  • Surgery forms only one of the arms in the treatment of cancer. The other arms of treatment are Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy and Immunotherapy. Radiotherapy uses radiation to burn away cancer tissue. However the cancer cells have to be radio-sensitive.
  • Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to kill the cancerous cells.
  • Hormone therapy is the use of hormone agonists and antagonists in influencing or modifying the cancer cells.
  • Thus cancer treatment is a multi-modality approach

Surgery is one of the oldest methods of treating cancer and remains effective even today. At Jacobs Hospital the best strategy is chosen and individualized for each patient and appropriate consultation or referral is made accordingly.

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