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Commonly it is the two major salivary glands that get diseased and need surgical intervention: Parotid and Submandibular
Surgical removal of the parotid gland is also known as Parotidectomy, where surgery is performed to remove the parotid gland due to a tumour, Infection or blockage. Typically the procedure is performed following the rapid growth of abnormal cells that divide quickly. While most of the parotid gland tumours are benign a small portion of them can be malignant or cancerous. This may affect the superficial or deep lobes of the gland or both needing either a superficial parotidectomy or a total parotidectomy. It may also affect the surrounding tissues or structures calling for a more extensive resection.
The submandibular salivary gland is usually affected by blockage of its duct by a salivary calculus or stone resulting in an infection. It does not settle with medication alone and needs a removal of the gland. Rarely this gland can also be affected by Cancer which again needs resection of the gland. Tumors and infections of other salivary glands are rare.

Salivary Gland Surgery in Kochi Submandibular Gland :

  • Located in the floor of the mouth
  • Swelling of the gland due to recurrent infections and blockages causing pain and discomfort
  • Submandibular gland Area C excision is a major surgical procedure
  • Surgery is recommended if the mass is cancerous and if there is persistent pain and numbness
  • Tests may include :
    • CT scan with contrast of the face
    • FNA of the mass to determine the extent of excision
    • Extensive surgical procedure requires complete gland along with neck dissection
  • Three types of surgery :
    • Sialolithotomy :
      • Performed under local anaesthesia
      • Done when a stone is present
      • Duct is opened to remove stone
    • Submandibular gland excision :
      • Performed when sialolithotomy is not an option
      • Entire gland is removed through a 1 inch incision below the jawline

Parotid Gland:

Symptoms of a parotid gland disease
  • Swelling and lump near the jaw, neck , usually at the angle of the jaw and front of the ear
  • Part of the face is numb ( if facial nerve is affected)
  • Muscle weakness in the affected area ( if nerve is affected)
  • Pain in the area of the salivary gland
  • Mouth cannot be opened widely
  • Swallowing is difficult
Symptoms of a parotid gland disease
  • Exposure to radiation and certain substances such as rubber (manufacturing), asbestos and plumbing
  • Viruses such as HIV, Epstein-Barr virus, human papillomavirus
  • Tobacco use (causes Warthin tumour)
Tests and diagnosis prior to a parotidectomy
  • Physical examination
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasonography
  • Nuclear imaging
  • FNAB or Fine needle aspiration biopsy
  • Flow cytometry

Parotidectomy at Jacobs Hospital

Jacobs Hospital, Kochi has expert otolaryngologists and a surgical team providing care for salivary gland disease. Cancer of the parotid gland is rare and physicians at Jacobs Hospital are highly experienced to perform the procedure.

  • Salivary gland surgery is complex due to the important nerves located around the glands
  • Surgeons at Dr. Jacob’s Hospital are experts in surgical techniques of the parotid gland
  • They take utmost care to minimize surgical scarring, preservation of facial nerve and reconstruction of the site

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