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What is an Echocardiogram?

Echocardiogram is also called as sonogram, is a heart’s image formed by an Echocardiograph. It helps to estimate the different heart functions, like calculation of the cardiac output, ejection fraction, and diastolic function (how well the heart relaxes), heart valves and pressure gradient.

Echocardiogram Test in Kochi

Echocardiography is the diagnostic imaging technique that produces the heart’s pictures using ultrasound technique. It normally creates images using Doppler ultrasound, 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional ultrasound.

Echocardiogram also provides important data about the heart, like its shape and size, its pumping capacity and the area and the magnitude of tissue damage, if any.

Types of Echocardiograms

The common types of cardiogram found in most hospitals nowadays are:

2D Echo Cardiogram
Two-dimensional echocardiography is the cross-sectional view of the beating heart, which will show its chambers, valves and major blood vessels. Doppler Effect is made use of to assess the blood flow in the heart.

3D Echo Cardiogram
The 3D echocardiography is the heart’s 3D visual image, especially the heart valves. It uses a matrix array ultrasound probe and processing system that allows for a detailed anatomical assessment of the cardiac pathology.
The 3D Echocardiography technique splits the virtual heart in infinite planes and rebuilds the 3D images of the anatomical structures for a better perception of the damaged heart.

4D Echo Cardiogram
4D Echocardiogram adds motion to a 3D viewing to the heart’s ultrasound. This helps to view both an adult’s as well as a fetal’s (baby in its mother’s womb) heart.

4D echocardiogram is opted for fetal echo. Even though a fetal’s heart beats at a higher rate, a doctor can change and select alternate views of a 4D echocardiogram that is not possible in a 2D echo. This proves beneficial for viewing the heart of a fetus suffering from complex congenital disorders.

4D echocardiogram allows for the improvement of the image and can be accessed offline.

Jacob’s Hospital, Kochi provides our patients the advantage of our Cardiologist performing the Echocardiogram instead of a technician.




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